• How To Flash Firmware With Odin 3.0.7

    Stumbled upon this a couple of weeks ago, & it's good for all Samsung phones including the SGS3. This is where to get your "home" .tar file aka firmware http://samsung-updates.com/

    Download Odin 3.0.7 here. http://samsung-updates.com/Odin307.zip


    For the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III SPH-L710 follow the pictures:

    *Note that currently there is only one .tar file for the SPH-L710, it is the LEN firmware that shipped with your phone, the LF9 version is not available as a full ROM yet.*
    But this will get you back to stock unrooted as shipped status on your phone, just like it was when you took it out of the box.
    IMPORTANT!!! You MUST unzip the file to extract the .tar inside, place ONLY the .tar file (disregard the .dll file included in the zip) in the Odin folder on your PC, reboot to download mode, flash via Odin. Easy peasy

    EDIT: after successfully flashing this myself, & fakking finally being able to update to LF9 the right way, i.e. automagically I'll share my experience with this procedure:

    1. Backup everything you care about retaining just in case, nandroid, apps, call logs, sms, mms, etc. Note: You should perform a full wipe, factory data reset, at this point. I did not do this, but as always YMMV. If you encounter problems, wipe everything & start over fresh & clean
    2. Reboot to download mode (power off, then volume down + home then power, then when the WARNING screen comes up volume up to enter download mode)
    3. Connect your phone to your PC via USB
    4. Launch Odin on your PC, it should automatically detect your phone like this:
    5. Click the "PDA" button
    6. In Odin select your home .tar file that you downloaded & unzipped into your Odin folder on your PC

      1. Odin will automatically check the MD5 sum of your home .tar file to verify it's integrity, it takes a minute or two so BE PATIENT!!!

    7. Click "Start"

      sit back and wait... The message window in the bottom left corner will update as each partition is flashed.
      Mine took 9:19 from start to finish, 99% of that time was just flashing the /system imageā€¦it takes a LONG time so BE PATIENT!!!

      Your phone will reboot automatically once the firmware is successfully flashed.
      You should note in all of my screenshots of Odin the "Auto Reboot" and "F.Reset Time" boxes are checked,and these are checked by default in Odin 3.0.7. If you uncheck "F.Reset Time" you should get a green pass button once the firmware is flashed successfully as shown in my last screenshot above. The "Auto Reboot" can be used at user discretion. You will want to leave "Auto Reboot" unchecked if flashing a custom recovery.

      You should also ALWAYS flash ROMs/firmware in the PDA slot, actually I've never used any other slot to flash anything. Flashing in the wrong slot can BRICK your phone so just use the PDA slot
    8. This procedure will leave you in an unrooted completely stock state, so you'll need to re-root with whatever method works for you and you're comfortable with. I personally use & recommend CMTeamEpic's root method from here: CMTeamEpic's root method

    So my mission with this procedure on my phone was to get it to update to the LF9 firmware automatically, like it should. I was successful, as soon as it booted up, it downloaded the update, & asked me if I wanted to update I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

    Side Note: by virtue of me NOT wiping ANYTHING before flashing my home.tar file, all of my home screens, settings, call logs, sms, mms, etc. were retained, I didn't lose ANYTHING!!!

    As always your mileage may vary, & I'm not responsible if you do something stupid and brick your phone, start world war three, and so on, and so forth, etc, etc. Happy Flashing!!!

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